I have a mess known as my life. I have learned not to complain about it. I have learned not to blame others. I have learned to live healthier. But this mess appears over and over again. I fall behind and not get ahead. I visit old habit that result in the same mess. Not to have an excuse but to understand why this happens I wanted to look at why it has not improved, even though I feel better about it. I’m tired and exhusted. When i have time I don’t have energy. When I have energy and time I run around with my head cut off like a chicken wondering, “What do I do now?”. Then opportunity passes me by and I’m left with regret.

I woke up one day and realized I had every thing I needed but I couldn’t use it because I was unorganized. Everything that meant something to me was wasted away not being used for what I wanted. My time, my money, my energy, my thoughts, my health, and my resources.

My money. When I was talking with someone at work, it was brought to my attention that we had one day off in 3 weeks……….. But my bank account didn’t reflect this. So I had money at one point. But now I don’t have money to spend on things I need or want.

I work so hard at my job. I get things done. I work non-stop for a couple hours at a time. I reach goals. Why not at home? I understand there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to do. So there are times I do nothing but watch Netflix. So I had time and I was awake for x amount of hours.

My plan? Start with thinking it out. Writing it out, doing it. I know me and if I can sit in front of my tv or computer for half an hour. then I can sit in front of clothes and fold. motivation pump, pump, pump. Scheduling out time. I want to add prep to my task so that I can get ahead of the next time I have to do this laundry task.

Wish me luck. If it works out I want to blog the results.


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