I have more than I don’t have.

I’m looking at cleaning and organizing my life and house. I have had so many idea and thoughts on how things are suppose to be done. Yet I’ve only tried a little here and there. My goal is to do it without buying anything.

As life cycles through I have come to the place where there is a giant mess, my bank is sending me low balance alerts, and I look like I just stepped off some abandoned island that I called home for 5 years.

My two oldest are home for the summer!!!! I feel happy and complete though I feel as if I am constantly adjusting how to get three kids moving and doing what needs done, rather than one. I put that as a run on sentence because it is a run on sentence. I feel like having the runs on and on. I told them that they are the WORST horribly managed kids ever! My oldest asked if they were horrible kids with pain in her voice. And I corrected her. I honestly pointed out how they are the most wonderful kids EVER! But due to the fact that I manage them horribly They act out. It’s true.

We are a family of intense people. We love passionately the time we share together. We are loud whether out of fun, anger, or boredom. But we can’t control what happens to us only what we do about it.

I know I need to organize out time. Plus I need to help them learn to organize theirs for when I’m not there. If I had money I would buy self help books, organizers, and planners. I don’t. Nor do I need to do so. I have a pack of paper from when the printer was purchased. I have other things That I could do to make these arts and craft projects to organize our time. Our time is precise it is something that if I give away we don’t have back..


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