I love caffeine. When I drink enough caffeine I feel as if I know the best way to get on top of my life. Withdrawal leave me in a haze or fog where I have no get up and go what so ever. I may even completely forget what I was going to do that day. I’m doing better than when I was addicted to regular Monster and Mountain Dew. Those two products have so much sugar my health was going to decline. Now I have bad reactions to those. So instead I stick to coffee and Monster Java, which has less caffeine and sugar. I’m aware that I don’t take medication for my bipolar. I’m aware I shouldn’t use caffeine to treat my disorder. I believe that is good in moderation. If I improve my health (starting with better food and exercise), then caffeine will work even better. Or if I improve my health well enough I may not even need coffee to get up and go. Working out helps. But where do I get the motivation to start working out?


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