I want 5 toys!

My youngest knows what she wants and she wants me to get it for her. I kick myself in the butt for adding any spoiling that I allowed her to get from her Grandparents. I tell her no. Mathematically, you can’t take $25. worth of toys out of less than $10. So I tell her she needs to earn, save, then she will be able to buy if she saves double what she wants to spend. Who here thinks a three year old can save fifty dollars? (I look out into the reading audience to see people have fallen over laughing.) Umm right…….. So I tell her let’s start with one. She need to save for double of one toys. Princess now has her change in her bag and is ready to go get toys from the store. This is a start. I’m proud of her.

After she learns how to earn money for all her toys, I have to teach her how to take care of them so that she doesn’t loose the over one hundred toys she already owns…….

Ahh, the joys of teaching my children skills that I don’t even poses.


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