My Opportunity!

           Just over a week ago I was fired from my job.  This has never happened to me.  So It’s not what happens to me that is as important, as what I do now.  One of the items that I crossed off was asking people that I know, if their job sight was hiring. I received instruction to fill out with a temp agency that their company used. Done and done. Now I have a meeting with this temp agency this afternoon.

This is for a factory job. Not my favorite, but they pay me to work, not to make love. I will show up and do what needs done. I’m willing to work, and I love having that security of a paycheck. This is a good thing. This way I may fulfill my financial responsibility. My plan is to try it out for two years. (If I make it that far). Who knows I may fall in-love with the job and stay forever.

In this two years of working like a dog, I want to build. I want to build my finance,my martial arts skills, and my knowledge.  The key will to be balancing my health to do this.  The logical me is staring at myself with a look on my face going,”How the H are you going to do this when you can’t do that normally?!?”.  She isn’t wrong, you know. 

Hopeful optimistic side of my personality starts out with my chant of “mind, body, heart, and soul” We start with faith. believe in our-self that I can do this. Nest I plan use my mind to organize my goal with smaller more accomplishable goals. Then back it up with my attitude. Understand my weakness and work towards turning it into a strength. As general as this is. I should work on this more.


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