Still Exhausted

I’m so tired for what feels like all the time. Energy, motivation, and getting stuff done still are difficult things for me. It seems to get easier when I follow my path, but then to stay going seems difficult. Last night I took migraine med. for my migraine, and I never noticed how much pain you’re in until it’s no longer there. I moved with such freedom. My job requires me to move at a certain speed. I felt as if I could do my job better. When I relies that pain med. are what made me feel better, I knew my job was going to suffer. I simply refuse to live on pain meds. I understand that it maybe my depression that is causing this pain, so I want to treat that instead of just the symptoms. My plan of action is to start exercising. I’ve tried to start so often. Eating better, more sunlight. I plan on going from there. This way when I get med for depression it will help.


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