I have notices the whole issue of telling people or kids that they made a good or bad choices. It has been sticking out more often, so my subconscious is talking about it to me. I understand that when given choices most times we pick the better one.  The healthier one for us.  But do we understand why bad choices are made?  Are we aware of all the choices available to us?  Do we feel worthy of the better choice?  Is our frontal lobes of our brains capable of making choices?  What result have we gotten from making certain choices before?  Do we feel we have a choice?  I feel if we are given more information about decisions that we have to make we will make better ones. If someone you know is making decisions that are harming them or others check to see if they know all their options before we judge them. I like to make sure I ask myself the same thing.

I also like to take the worry away from whether or not I make the right or wrong decision by telling myself to worry more about the result rather than the “what if.”. I deal with what I do about what happens to me. That way I’m more powerful and able to take care of things. I feel more confident and healthy.


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