I had a big part of this year where I spent way too much. I live with these consequences. In light of this I have decided to take new years as a measurable time to save money and work at earning wisely.

There were so many regrets last year. I understand that I cannot go back into time and do things differently. So I have to take this feeling and make the best of it from here. On the financial front of my life, I should list goals on how I save money and make the best out of what I already have.

Day 1: Today’s goal is to pack lunch for work, and to post 3 baby items up on Craigslist.

One’s heart is intersected by those around them. I need to build and keep connections with friends and family. It helps fight depression and builds worth beyond money. So on the connection front I list goals of how I keep with those around me.

Day 1: today’s goals are to work on holiday gifts for a friend, belated better than never. Homeschool with my youngest working on trust.


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