There is no Santa!

Santa Clause is not real and I have always told my children so. I tell them that we give gifts in the spirit of Santa as he would have done. To celebrate his giving ways. I want my children to know that magic is real. If someday they find out that they have been lied to about Santa they are less likely to believe when real magic is in front of them. Showing them that they themselves can be Santas and give gifts as he would to brighten someone else holiday is very special. It can open their hearts to a magic that is much more real. So that when they open a present marked from Santa they know that its because some one out their is spreading holiday cheer their way. They are less likely to spend their time trying to figure out how some stranger is visiting every child in one night. I will give my children something worth believing in.

Telling a child that there is no Santa should not be about robbing their innocents. It shouldn’t be something to say when you are mad. But rather something to say when you want them to start giving anonymous  gifts to those they want to brighten on Christmas or Yule. Let them be Santa. It can be beautiful.


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