Do More

If I have learned anything from my experiences is that there is more to getting stuff done than just doing it. I’ve noticed that some can put off a project or to do list and nothing bad will happen, because they’ll get to it when they can. I on the other hand put a simple task and never get to it. In turn the whole world crashes down simple because it was an important item on my to do list.

I have watched a spiral effect take place. Stress can cause me to become immobilized emotionally. This will lead me to be inactive to things needing done in life. Things needing done and not being so causes me to get upset further. Stress, guilt and other feelings leading me to be overwhelmed about what needs done. All to the point that I know I will never get to the fun stuff I want to do.

I have always wondered how one pulls themselves out of a black hole of never ending stress. I understand that hard work is no doubt involved. But the underlying fear is that with hard work I may end up being the hamster in the hamster wheel running the rat race.

I was looking at something and I was thinking about walking on a balance beam. If when I walk a balance beam I look just in front of me I walk less steady than if I look a little further down. I noticed that for goals. I have heard my shrinks speak about,” where do I see myself 5-10 years down the way. The funny part is when ,I say they tend to tell me not to get to stuck on the idea and to be flexible, which only confused me. But I see if I have a total goal that I might be able to find my footing.

A type of motivation might help me lead towards doing what needs done. A goal to strive for may help me prioritize my decisions. Lately I have asked myself every time that I need to make up my mind,”What is more important?”. Or even tried to picture how each of my choices might lead to the end result of my own desire.




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