There are times that I pick up my youngest daughter from my friend’s house and she gives me the worst attitude. I see her throw a fit before even trying get what she wants with easier methods. There’s no asking for what she wants, or trying to communicating that she wants something. My youngest begins with a screaming and demanding and tears. This can’t be healthy for her. She can’t feel good when this happens. It’s the hardest way for her to get her goal. It even puts it out of her reach completely. I give her reminders that she needs to ask, and instantly her attitude changes, and she remembers to behave more politely and intelligently. It leaves me wonder how this translates into adulthood. Do we throw fits? Do we not seek other revenues? Is that why I’m not where I believe I should be? So on top of thinking positively, I have tried to be aware of my approach to my goals. I’m hoping that it will give me a healthier life.


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