My mind has been wondering everywhere but where it needs to be lately. At work I’m thinking about home. At home I’m thinking about my kids. It’s been driving me nuts. making it so that I feel as if time is escaping me.  Where did the last 4 hours go? A why haven’t I gotten any work done? Of course I’ve also drank way more Monster Java drinks than normal. I told myself that today is rest day to recover. A part of me feels like, “Oh no, I’m fine I don’t need to rest. All this stuff needs done.”  The other part says, “Rest because history has shown you need a recoup time.”Dealing with bipolar I understand if I don’t take care of myself I will end up having it come out in other ways. What’s it called when you’re mad at your friend but you take it out at someone else? Well that how my emotions work at times. If I don’t treat myself like I’m sad about when I can’t talk to my kids I get sad at dorky commercials and times that are just plain void of sadness.


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