We are human and we can be trained. Just like we teach our children how to behave we can teach ourselves. I have started to use cues to start things that need done. Just like when we clock into work to start our work days I have started scheduling things. The things that I have scheduled are workouts, cleaning, and now writing. When I write I grab a cup of coffee and start incense. This cues my mind it’s time to get serious about what I’m doing.

I’ve noticed that the environment isn’t always good for doing what needs done. Or things come up that I put my attention to. So I have started digging my heels in and told my self instead of waiting for the perfect place or time I will be in-charge of creating it. It’s mine and I have to learn that I’m important to me. If I have learned anything my kids don’t go for what they want.Have they learned it from me? If I tell them to do what they love or that they deserve this or that I want them to believe it and go for it till they achieve it. If I fail to articulate my children s attitude they seem to me to act as if they don’t deserve what they want in their heart. It hurts to see this.

So the way I see it I lead with example. I should only ask of others what I’m willing to do myself.  Prioritize and organize will only follow if I have the will to go for it. The world will only be a better place if we follow or own path and complete the puzzle of our map. This map shows a picture of humanity as a whole and all the life forces within our planet. One piece connects to others and they reach all over. But if the puzzle piece is broken the picture is incomplete. I can’t worry about other people and things if I don’t work on me first.


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