Control of oneself

I’ve  been  working  on  the  concept  of  control  of self, control  of  others  and  control  of  environment .   How i react  to  what happens 2 me. Rather than blame what  is  going  on  around  me .  Why  didn’t  I  get  something  done ? If I’m  hungry  or  tired , not to let that be the reason  I  behave as I  do. No excuses  .  There is no can’t .  Only I  can’t  yet. I will do and  live well.  When they say you make good  /bad choices  in life,I  understand  that  we may not  be  aware  of  what  choices  are available .  I am going  to  make  availd effort  to  be  more  knowledgeable  of  the  choices  I  have  before  me.


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