I miss writing. I’ve noticed that I have all theses ideas of how my life should be, but when I am living it, I believe I’m doing the complete opposite.  I notice I fall into all these traps of taking naps. These naps rob me from doing much else with my life. Other times I sit and watch shows on the laptop. If i wanted to make money I could be a critic with all the shows and movies I’ve seen.

listing problems that I need to overcome;

1.) Sleeping too much.

2.) Focused on too many things at once.

3.) Lack of energy.

5.) Disorganized mess that coasting money and time.

6.) Lack of financial means to archive the life style I’m comfortable with.

7.) Low self-esteem blocking me from acting like better person I know I am.

8.) Not putting my ideas to work.

9.) Do the opposite of what I want to do.

10.) I leave important stuff undone till the consequences are disabling.

So now that I have identified the problem the question is what am I going to do about it? I believe it will help me if i knew the cause of my problem so that I can take care of them properly. I notice when I’m at work things that makes me product and motivated is not taking a nap with in 3 hours prior to clocking in. Being hydrated helps a lot.

I understand being healthy is important. oddly it makes a difference. I have experience with eating both junk food and healthy food affecting me. If I eat junk food I spend too much time in the bathroom. I also feel run down. If I feel run down I don’t do as well. Then I don’t feel good about how little I do, a downward spiral begins. Pretty soon I hate my life.

Healthy hmm. Hydrated hmm. Starting with a small goal Eat healthy. Garlic chicken soup sounds good, and drinking lots of water or  Gatoraid well cooking can help me. some people can choose other hydrating fluids that is best for them. Wish me luck!


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