Little at a time.

Life goes by little at a time. And we can miss it .  But  if we make the most of each moment  it makes the whole picture with the big moments worth it. It helps set the motion  of  the  next  part in life. It’s  harder  to  put care in small moment simply  because  we  focus  on  the  big goals in liife. But what has been  done  cannot  be  undone . Whatever  moments have passed  cannot  be  gotten  back. So from here, this moment, we make life better. There is no going back to the way they were, there  is only making the best of our future .  Make it better. Quit worring abouut if you are going to make the right choice. Worry about what you are going to do with the choices that
You  are making. That is the difference .


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