Astrospect of things

What is astrospect? Astrospect is a made up word that has to do with the big picture in the aspect of the universe. It may have to do with a small issue that has and effect on the universe. Whether we see the result or not. Or even something that has an effect on our universe, not the physical one. An effect on ourselves that is so great that it is bigger than just simply our retrospect. Does that make sense?

Alright let’s make it more complicated and crazy. Lets look at society as a living organism. How we intract with each other builds synapses between people.  It builds relations between families and households. building groups and orginizations. It is important to be healthy. It is best in my experience to be healthy in mind, body, heart, and soul. We influence each other as we are influenced. Even if the result isn’t seen till later. We see things like if one couple gets married. I see others practically racing to do the same. If one gets divorced. I see a trend of divorces following. So I understand that this power of influence can be good or destructive.

In this age of information, hatred can move quickly like a virus infecting people. People are not bad or good, but what we do when we are in moments of hate, hurt, or ignorance, can permanently hurt us as a whole. Sp Working on our own heart with the words and actions we do we are in charge of the type of influence of others. Instead of blaming others for their flaws I try to first look inward. I try not to expect others to do what I’m not will to do.

I am eating better. I am being more active. I’m more involved spiritually among those who share my religious views. I’m putting more mentally positive ways into my words and actions. I’m working to learn more, think more, and problem solve more independently, as well as collectively. As a result my magic is stronger, and my problems are less stressful. I feel more powerful, and stronger. I feel happier and healthier. My path is more sure. This will influence like a ripple in the pond of life. It will spread out in among my friends and family. From there the people they connect to will pay it forward. We need to heal.


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