It’s hard work to build a relationship. It’s harder keeping one. Believing in people is what drives you to put in more of an effort. It starts with us. If we are looking for love and friendship and a great relationship with our kids. It is up to us to put in the effort. To keep at it till they understand how important they are to us. Stalking people is not okay. But being there for someone is. Don’t give up on people. When you feel love is failing take 3 mins. a day to take their hand, or cuddle with them skin to skin. Look them straight in the eye, letting the light around them fill your sight. Take a deep Breath so that you smell all that you can of that moment to remember it. Then ask them about their day. There is nothing else to do in that time so it’s okay to focus on them and let yourself listen to every word they say. When they are done go ahead and tell them about your day. All the ah ha moments. The points in your day you wish they were there with you.

With that foundation your bond will build. You will come to love that person more deeply. That person will come to love you. You are worth it. Show them they are worth love to. I think people need this. It adds value to the human race. We are not cannon fodder. We are not stock animals for corporations. We are people. We are life, and we are worth love. ❤


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