How does witchcraft work?

If I look at tv shows and movies, I should be able to wave my fingers and get what ever I want. Umm no. I watch a movie like “WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS”, and the young boy hopes and pray and prays real hard for dogs with no avail. till someone tells him that he has to meet God half way. Now that makes sense. If you ever worked real hard and put your dreams and high hopes into something only to have it come up short simply because things out of your hands made it so. Well that’s where the magic goes. You start out to do your hard work or you smarter work and you do everything that is in your power and you put your spell in that takes care of all the things that are not in your power. This great relationship is how your magical garden grows. I love it when it happens. Inside I feel warm and calm and happy and powerful. We should keep our ears, eyes, and hearts open. Work smart and work hard and keep at it. Magic will appear.


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