If you look at the world as if only the most probable is possible, then your world is no doubt so small you can’t breath. All things are possible it is only the probability that I doubt. I was watching a reality tv show. Much to my own hatred. The main person was complaining about his hometown. He was complaining that is was so small that in order to do something you had to go to the next town over, 3 hours away. I also have had experience living in a small town. Now with a new attitude I have to wonder if I could have done more with my time. Why not make fun things to do in the small town. Such as host a party. Be creative.

Go ahead and comment below on your ideas of what to do. Please use affordable guidelines.

So looking at my life now…. What can I do to make my life more enjoyable. Do I change my environment to me, or change me to my environment. The hard part is trying to figure out what kind of environment I want. Or even if I change both, what kind of person do I want to grow into in this environment. I understand I need a balance between my martial arts training, my spiritual path, my arts and crafts. This must all fit to the highest priority of my children’s needs coming first. I generally feel the pull of both wanting to travel all the time and wanting to stay home. The internet is a huge tool. I can bring working out home. I can find learning tools for free, and I can connect with others on a similar path as myself.Just trying to keep in mind that my life is what I make it. This is my power.


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