Import/export jobs

I don’t know why we are complaining about India, china, and twain taking all our jobs. I believe it is building relations with nations around the world. The problem that I see is that its a one way street. Our money goes to them and they are getting rich. What if we imported jobs from other countries to here. I hear this argument that we charge too much. But if you look at the value of Scotland and U.K currency they don’t have to pay us that much in order for us to have more. It would be nice to build relations with other countries. We have to be smarter when we work harder or we will just be running on a running mill getting nowhere fast. We can survive. I wish I knew how to make american jobs a trademark value. We are a big beautiful country. We are not the only country on the globe. If you don’t love your country then you should work to make home a place worthy of your love.


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