I’m in a good place. I’ve been doing well for a week. My guess is having Tax return come in might have something to do with it.I bought a new vehicle. Which I love, It makes a big difference to have these small securities in my life. Which leaves me wondering. Tax return only comes once a year if I keep spending it then it won’t be there later in the year when I may not be working as many hours. How will I pay for gas and bills then. My mind began to swirl around the idea of investment. I know I need to somehow make a single large sum turn into something residual. I am always curious about the stock market. But on the other hand the stock market is a gamble. So I know I need skills. I’m looking into those work shops for sewing and other crafts and skills. I need something that allows me to be able to make money when I have the time. A hobby. And I need to figure out how to master school so that I can finally jump into a career. Standing on my own two feet providing for my family is a goal that I’m shooting for. It seems so far a way.

I’m looking a giant hoarder’s mess that is my space in the basement. I want it to be a place for me to work out, do school work, home school the baby, be an office, and  an entertainment area. Talk about overwhelming. If I’m not organized I will not be able to move forward in life. Then I will be right back where I started in a mess of a very stressful life. I put an ad on facebook for my friends to earn a little money helping me. Several times I give myself a reading with the tarot cards and it comes up again and again to ask for help. My stubborn ego I had to put aside and will asked. We will see what happens. Wish me luck. I’m going to work on getting the basement cleaned first then organized next. Then creating the spaces that I need next. Breaking it down is the best way.


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