I’m different in so many ways that when I was growing up the other kids noticed. I understand that teasing is suppose to goad one into changing a bad habit. But it holds a lot of power to belittle a person into less of value than they were before. I remember being told “That (so and so) and you are the ugliest people in school and that you’ll never be as beautiful as her.”. Or that when I was told that I was a bad penny. It didn’t end at school. I came home to a mother who when her sugars went low she became a very mean person. She once told me that she loved me and didn’t know what she would do without me. but in the same sentence she told me that she wishes I was never born. those are a few examples.

Here I am all grown up. I failed out of collage, divorced, and live in my parents basement.I do however have a better job than I had before. I will not give up on school. I will ace it and master it. I will not give up! I have experience and I will use my knowledge and wisdom to better my life, for my children and I. But I have to wonder if my childhood had been different would I have been more successful?

What I notice in others around me that, when hurtful words are exchanged it weakens our net worth of our social organism. Let me explain; If you look at society as a living breathing being. You can see that how one person or family is doing affects their neighbors. If someone has lots of money they spend that money and it goes to the people in that area. That’s why it is often advertised to spend local. So if I do better, my family does better and those around me do better. It doesn’t just apply to money. If I am feeling better people around me feel better.

Which brought me to think further into this whole anti-bully regime, if we look at how we react to a bully it changes how a bully does things. Once I found out it wasn’t me that had the problem but them. Things changed. I worked on a better me and their words became invalid. If I focused more on me and less on them I had more power. I realized that after they went home they didn’t even think about me or what they said to me. So why should they be that important to me that I think about them. I won’t give them that kind of power over my life. It’s mine. They are not there living my life. So my choices are mine to live with what happens afterwards.


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