Why Not?

I am one of the super smart people that challenges everything I know. so, when a project came to light I wanted to do it my way despite all the instructions they said other wise. I wanted to save/experiment on a picture. Soup was spilled upon a picture. When I wiped off this picture it started to scratch off. well… This picture is a original princess work. One of the first series of pictures that my two year old took with the camera. bringing to mind what I saw on social media about transferring pictures to wood. Instructions were easy Print laser versions of your picture, sounds easy, only I just didn’t want to I wanted to use the original. Plus they made it clear not how to use ink only laser print. advice across the board said to use cheap paper so that it peels off easy. I had no idea if it was laser or ink. but what the hay just go for it. I covered the wood and picture with mod podge and went at it. let it dry and today we wetted the pict to take off the back. lol wow! trying to take of printed picture paper was interesting. I first thought it was water proof. Well that was not going to let that get me NO! NEVER!  I used stainless steel scratch pad. I some how started to peel the back like an egg with layers. I took off too much here and there. but  a glimmer of hope I wiped again and it showed up. woot *jump up and down* *mega proud of myself*. it worked. all that was left was to let it dry. And there as where the problem surfaced. as it dryed the picture turned white. *hang head and fail* Inconcution: don’t use ink.


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