Lunch #2

Soup was on sale, so I heated up some black bean soup with a side of blue corn chips. Spicing up my meal, and spicing up my day. It was simple yet my ability to fix lunches for more than one day in a row was a small miracle for me. It shouldn’t be, but it was. I’m feeling accomplished. Eating healthy gave me more energy to do more with my day. I stayed up for almost 16 hours. Mostly I stay up for 10 before I need a nap. I then planned for my next lunch to use up some of the turkey burgers. yum. I feel proud. I want to keep that feeling going. It was hard to convince myself that I deserve to feel proud and that I can do better with my life. It helps me grow and adds worth to my person. I measure my worth by accomplishments. I also measure my worth by what I have to offer my loved ones, and what I offer society. Feeling worth something helps people give more. It helps navigate how we behave. It helps us decide that what we believe is how we should act. I believe I am good so I should do good things. If that makes sense then feel free to leave a comment and elaborate on what that means to you.


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