Being weird and unusual has left me unable to cope with normal. Normal or routine things that make people feel safe are not my forte. I lack the ability to be predictable. I understand it to be a curse and a blessing. I’m more likely to be creative and think outside the box with ease. But have you ever heard of too much of a good thing? I search for a balance. I fear that if I fall in routine I shall be shackled to this. Stuck ever in the everyday cleaning and cooking and doing such mundane things that my life will be vacant of adventure and noteworthy memorable action. Only without routine I am overwhelmed with mess and powerless to be able to provide meals for myself. The amount of money spent on meals alone when eating out, leaves me broke and unable to accomplish my hearts deepest wish to gain custody of my two eldest. And so my inability to master mundane has ruled over my ability to create a more adventures life. So hence my goal to rule over routine. As to not get overwhelmed I will start small. An easy achievable goal. Hmm such as blogging my accomplishment to pack a lunch for work. This will save me a ton of money. My time table will be one week. 7 days of lunch for both work and home. Mostly because I don’t work that many days. I invite my readers to share their lunch menu and Ideas.


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