I have flaws, but I’m not my flaws!

             Truth is I’m bipolar and A.D.D. (ooh…. shiny) I’m far-sited I need glasses to read. I have 70% hearing loss in my left ear. I have a hard time focusing, and staying at tasks. Every time I’ve figured things out, or figured me out and how I work, I find the game changes the rules. My lack of confidence, along with the lowest self esteem ever works against me. Depression robs me of motivation. When I don’t accomplish goals no matter how small I’m my owe worst enemy. when some one else tells me how bad I’m doing they don’t realize I’ve already berated myself.

Despite this I navigate through my life. I fight. I seek out my centered calm. I strive for better. A better me. A better life. To be a better mother. With an understanding that knowledge and wisdom will better arm me in using tool in my life. I find that I’m fighting demons. It leaves an overwhelming feeling that better is just out of reach.

I refuse to quit. I refuse to be defined by my flaws. My attitude. My perspective. My focus on my better qualities will grow my abilities to be who I want to become. Each and everyone of us has good and bad qualities. If we draw attention to our good it will grow in us.


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