Are Witches good or bad?

My eldest daughter who in 2yrs after living in her grandfather’s house with her dad and brother tells me that witches are evil. well in the mist of a custody battle I kept my mouth shut. That was at her 9th birthday party. I will someday respond to this. I will tell her; “You decide if Witches are good or evil by your thoughts your words you drawings and writings, by your actions, your intents and goal. For you my young one are a Witch.” The magick that fills our heart stays with us always. we take that which we have power over; our thoughts, words, writings, actions, and our intentions/goals, and put those into a world we have no control over. If what comes back to us in this world is something we don’t like then let us question what we put in.  what she failed to realize is that her father brother and her are witches. I am a witch.  Her grandfather who has no faith claims it’s all in our head will


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